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How Scarlet Daisy Works

Scarlet Daisy was designed to take the mystery out of running your own website. In just a few steps you can login, change text and images and click Save. That's it, your changes are LIVE that quickly!

Each site has a hidden login screen. Enter your user name and password and you're in.

Find What You Want to Edit
Navigate the site in exactly the same way you would if you were just visiting. So if you want to edit the 'About Us' page, simply click the normal link to this page.

Edit It
Because you are logged in, all the information is now shown in editable text areas. Simply edit or add text as required, and click Save.

Add Images
You can add images to each page too. Just click the Browse button and find the image you want to upload. Cick Save and the image is uploaded and displayed on your page.


Edit text with easy to use updateable text areas

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